Vacation Care Online Booking

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By entering Boolaroo Kids Club online booking, Parents/Caregivers acknowledge, understand and accept the following conditions.*

Important Information
I understand my account must be up to date before for my vacation care booking can be accepted and confirmed.
• I understand that the cost of Vacation Care is $56 per day for day camp and $71 excursion and incursion- no cancellation refund is available for excursion/incursion once your bookings have been confirmed.
• I understand that I will be charged for care if cancellation is made without giving at least 24hrs notice for in centre days.
• I understand that there may be an alternative excursion option, in case of extreme weather.
• I understand that any electronics such as iPad, iPod or and DS’s that are bought into the centre are the responsibility of the child and not BKC staff. We will provide a safe place for the electronics to be stored when we are doing our programmed activities if required. 
• I agree to abide by BKC Sun Safety Policy and send my child to Vacation Care dressed in appropriate sun protection (eg. shirts with covered shoulders – no singlets, hats and enclosed shoes – no thongs or sandals). Activities will be limited if appropriate clothing is not worn and footwear is not worn.
• I understand that my child may have their bookings canceled immediately if their behaviour is deemed dangerous to other children or staff.
• I understand that I will receive a daily email/text/Facebook posts regarding important Vacation Care information. This centre mobile is our primary form of communication in the Vacation Care period and I understand that if I do not access this information, I must seek desired clarification from educators myself.

Educators, visitors and children have the right while attending BKC to feel safe, secure and not threatened or intimidated in any way. Any child that displays violent behaviour, uses rude or belittling language or continually refuses to obey centre rules or follow instructions from educators will not be allowed to attend the service. Please note that behaviour statements are signed upon enrolment form and behaviour policy is available for all parents to view at any time.

Please provide your child with morning tea/fruit break, lunch and afternoon tea unless stated in the program. Please ensure your child has a drink bottle that can be refilled throughout the day. Our Centre promotes healthy eating so please provide healthy lunches with occasional treats. We are an “allergy aware” service, so please advise staff if your child has any products containing nuts. If your child suffers from allergies, please see staff to complete an allergies risk assessment form.

I understand the food requirements and will abide by the centre expectations

Parents, please ensure your child brings a suitable sun safe hat (broad rimmed is recommended) every day in vacation care, not having a hat can limit your child’s participation in programmed activities.  Please ensure your child’s clothes (and ALL items) are clearly labeled including socks. A spare set of clothes is recommended, especially for excursions Please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for the day eg. Jumpers, raincoats etc.

I understand the Clothing requirements and will abide by the centre expectations

If an excursion is planned children must arrive by the specified times on the program as buses are unable to wait and staff will not be left at the centre to wait due to out of service and onsite ratio requirements in the Education and Care Services National Regulations and Law. All Excursions require your child to be signed in and ready for departure by 8:30am. No Exceptions are made.

I understand the Excursion requirements and will abide by the centre expectations.

If your child becomes unwell whilst in our care in centre or on excursion you will be required to come and collect – we cannot and will not provide care for sick children due to the spread of illness to other children and staff.

I understand if my child becomes sick requirements and will abide by the centre expectations.

Mandatory conditions apply for each child when attending Vacation care @ BKC

1. Full packed lunch box -ensuring your child has enough food to last the entire day (x1 fruit x1 treat and x1 sandwich is simply NOT ENOUGH and children are left hungry and distressed resulting in staff giving up their own lunch to cater for children (this is not acceptable from families) we have a nutrition policy which needs to be followed and is available should you wish to read. We do not allow high sugar foods and drinks and are an allergy aware service so no nuts allowed (including hazelnut products). Educators are happy to heat food from home if bought in a microwave safe container, this option is only available on days that are an in-centre day.

2. Enclosed shoes – children are very active throughout the day with our service and proper footwear is required (unless stated otherwise) – NO THONGS or OPEN TOE SANDALS.

3. Hat – according to the cancer council, national law and regulations, and our service sun safe policies children MUST wear a hat when outside playing. No hat will limit your child’s play or involvement in some programmed outdoor activities.

4. Water bottle – educators will refill them when necessary with fresh, cold and filtered water.

5. A change of clothes is HIGHLY recommended – we do not have spare clothes available and on occasion children may have an accident, get wet or dirty, or even a change in the weather – it is better to have your child prepared than not.

6. Electronic Devices – this is a personal choice if you allow your child to bring an electronic device please remember that Boolaroo Kids Club takes no responsibility if the item gets lost or damaged – educators will do their best to ensure the item is put away in office when not in use but again holds no responsibility for the device. NO PHOTOS TO BE TAKEN OF OTHER CHILDREN due to our child protection policies and centre rules.

7. Bikes and scooters are welcomed. If your child brings either of these they must bring their protective gear or will not be able to ride them.